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The Teaching Your Toddler Podcast

Dec 16, 2023

Pickleball, stuffies and so much more! Check out these amazing ideas for your holiday gift-giving that you can find at your local shops! Shop local and support small busines this holiday season.

If you or someone you knows runs an online shopping site, check out the amazing products that can provide too!

Nov 17, 2023

What is NEXT for you? Do you have a dream to do something you've never done before? Something on your heart you just cannot shake?

Listen to this episode with Stephanie Nelson, the author of the book Imagine More Do What You Love, Discover Your Potential. She helps inspire moms like you to find those new projects,...

Nov 8, 2023

What if you could make history so interesting your kids would beg to hear more about it? That's what Bill Stevenson has done with his book series called "Ricky's Dream Trip" where his grandson and his "PopPop" go on adventures across time and space including to Ancient China, Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, Colonial...

Sep 24, 2023

Charter Schools - What are they? Where are they? Why would you want to consider one for your child's education? 

Join us for this very helpful episode that can help you find a charter school for your child, and if not, how to possibly get one started. Also, find out the difference between a magnet school and a charter...

Sep 1, 2023

Do you know what the top 9 allergens are? Do you know the "new kid on the block" on the list? Did you know kids can grow out of allergies? Do you know which ones they tend to grow out of and which ones will probably stay with them for life?

Elizabeth Pecoraro joins the TYT show to discuss living with allergens, what...