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The Teaching Your Toddler Podcast

Aug 9, 2021

Singer/Songwriter John Waller talks to Teaching Your Toddler about his career, his songs including his newest with his daughter called "What My Father Does", working with his children, adopting children and his faith.

Listen to what it's like to record with his daughter Sophee, as well as two of his other children. John...

Jul 31, 2021

Welcome to the Teaching Your Toddler interview with Occupational Therapist and Author Sarah Appleman who speaks to Teaching Your Toddler about what being an OT means, what a "Picky Eater" really is, how kids manifest sensory issues around food and what to do about that and her great book Play With Your Food.

Sarah talks...

Jul 25, 2021

Welcome to the Teaching Your Toddler interview with The Money Couple Taylor and Megan Kovar who talk to us about how to start the conversation with your spouse about money and how to start teaching your children about the value of money.    

Taylor and Megan help counsel couples on their financial personalities and...

Jul 5, 2021

Welcome to the Teaching Your Toddler interview with Mental Health Communication Expert Bob Krulish who will tell us some warning signs to watch for that can signal your child may need some mental health support.   

Bob Krulish is the author of the book about his own personal struggle with bipolar disorder called When...

Jul 2, 2021

Welcome to our show about Independence Day also known as The 4th of July!

Let’s celebrate America together with these fun activities as well as a little bit of background on our amazing flag. This is the best country on the planet and we love celebrating its birthday.

You can buy my book How to Raise An American...