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The Teaching Your Toddler Podcast

Jun 15, 2021

Welcome to the Teaching Your Toddler interview with Parenting Expert and Former Elementary School Teacher Laura Linn Knight as she talks to our host Marijo Tinlin about incredibly practical calming technique to take your child (and you) from crazy to calm.

Laura is a former kindergarten and 1st grade teacher who found out that once she became a parent herself, kids are different at home than at school.

Listen to Laura talk about the “Big Emotions” kids feel when they are in the safe haven of home and how that manifests itself when they are unhappy. Also, what do you do when your toddler melts down OUTSIDE of your home – what are the techniques you can use to help calm them down? (And get yourself calmed down as well!).

Laura talks about the connection between the pre-frontal cortex of rational thought and how we as parents need to become that rational person for our child because they still live in their “lizard” brain portion called the amygdala. Our brains don’t fully form that connection between the two parts until we are 25 so we really need to help our kids think rationally.

She’s offering a free download to our listeners of her brand new “Calm Cards” that have really helped when her own daughter gets upset and now they can help you and your child too. Find them on her website under “Free Calming Tools” at

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