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The Teaching Your Toddler Podcast

Sep 24, 2022

With so many things that have happened in the past several years - loved ones getting sick, classmates taking their own lives, and worse, parents are having a hard time knowing what to say to their children about these dramatic and tragic events.

Dr Elena Lister MD and Dr Michael Schwartzman PhD join the Teaching Your Toddler show to talk about ways parents can speak to their child - no matter their age - about death, loss and illness.

They are the co-authors of the book GIVING HOPE: Conversations With Children About Illness, Death and Loss, released in August 2022 from Avery/Penguin Random House.

Our guests give amazing advice on how to help your child understand and process bad news and how to support them through that process. 

Dr Elena Lister MD can be found at and on twitter at @elenalistermd1

Dr Michael Schwartzman PhD can be found at 

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