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The Teaching Your Toddler Podcast

Jun 21, 2021

Welcome to the Teaching Your Toddler interview with Spiritual Teacher, Psychic/Medium, Speaker and Author Vincent Genna, MSW, to talk to us about Father’s Intuition – What Is it? Along with what is the difference between being a Psychic and being a Medium and much more.

What’s the deal with mother’s intuition and does biology really matter when it comes to those “feelings” you get when you know something is happening with your child? Can dad have that too? The answer, of course, is YES! Vincent will tell us the root of where all of those feelings come from and how they manifest differently in moms and dads.

Listen now to find out more about what the Intuitive Mind does vs the Intellectual Mind and how adoptive parents can develop these very same intuitions.

Vincent has a fascinating background in his path to developing his psychic and mediumship abilities. Please read his bio found here. Vincent's website is

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