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The Teaching Your Toddler Podcast

Apr 12, 2023

Good sleep with little ones is a bit of a unicorn and seems like it will never happen but today's mini-episode gives you 6 tips on how to get better sleep and why it's so important. 

Sleep helps to repair and restore our body and brain and impacts our overall wellbeing. Poor sleep quality has been linked with instances of mental disorders like anxiety and depression. 

Joseph Dzierzewski PhD is Vice President of Research and Scientific Affairs at the National Sleep Foundation (NSF).

Joe’s previous position was as Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he was a widely-published and well-funded investigator, and served as the Concentration Director for the Behavioral Medicine Program. He has also served on numerous Scientific Review Committees for both the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and National Institutes of Health, as well as serving as an Associate Editor for several academic journals.

Joe's educational background is in Clinical Health Psychology, focusing on behavioral sleep medicine. Joe earned his doctoral degree from the University of Florida, completing advanced training in Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Geropsychology, and Methodology & Statistics. His grant-funded research program focused on the correlates and consequences of both normal and disordered sleep across diverse and underserved patient populations. 

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